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Sunburst Abstract
39" Diameter X 4" Deep
$ 1,145.00
Impress your guests with Sunburst , the strikingly elegant and singular work of art. This metal wall sculpture features an array of gold color rays that fan out from a central core in an almost explosive display. Once you hang it on the wall, Sunburst will jump off the wall and into your mind, captivating your thoughts until you decide where else in your home will enhance its presence.

This lovely sunburst design is crafted out of a single piece of metal design. Sunbursts are arrangements that have radiating lines which emanate from a central point with the purpose of giving a sense of equilibrium and peace, as it is believed that this form encourages positive energy into your surroundings. This casting will be different from one shown in the images. It will vary slightly in size, shape, and color because it is uniquely hand-cast in fine quality metal and finished with hand applied antiquing and a protective coating.
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