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Tree of Life
Spring Blossoms Tree
40" Wide X 36" High X 9" Deep
$ 1,865.00
This piece evokes the beauty, function, and vitality of the Tree of Life. It is a meditative work which inspires the imagination while adding a beautiful sense of nature to any space. The Tree design is featured on all four sides of the sculpture, turning a blank wall into an impressive work of art. The fusion of copper and brass creates a subtle contrast between warm and cool metals, while the reflective material adds depth, dimension and light to further enhance the depth and detail of this impressive piece.

Tree of Life is a 3D wall art abstract sculpture with an earthy look to it. This tree will be the perfect addition to your home as it will give it a natural, Zen-like ambiance. Perfect as a gift or keepsake for anyone who wants to bring nature in their house. Handcrafted from brass and copper, this welded wall sculpture has the look and feel of rustic metal without any painting or polishing work. Adding this wall sculpture to your house will definitely up the serenity quotient of your abode by several notches.
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