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Janelle Hail

"National Breast Cancer Foundation proudly displays the French Bouquet tree sculpture at our headquarters," says Janelle Hail, founder and CEO. "The intricacy and fine workmanship of this sculpture from Wall Sculptures by Gurtan explodes with color and beauty, a perfect expression of our passion to serve."

Janelle Hail with French Bouquet Metal Wall Art

Janelle Hail, founder/CEO of National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (NBCF), was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1980. As she was recovering from surgery, she found a great treasure in a simple, every day event of life. While standing in her kitchen one afternoon, she looked out the window and saw a lone tree bearing one brilliant, red leaf that was moving vigorously in the breeze. She was mesmerized by its beauty and sheer tenacity to hold onto life.

At that turning point, she resolved to not let cancer defeat her, but to enter into the joy of living life to its fullest. Eleven years later, when she founded NBCF, that “tree of life” became a powerful visual metaphor for NBCF and its message of hope and strength. A branch of the tree became a part of the NBCF logo and remains today.

NBCF proudly displays the French Bouquet metal tree sculpture in their headquarters’ lobby as a symbol of life and hope for the women they serve.

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