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November Tree
November Tree Black
52" Wide X 29" High X 11" Deep
$ 1,365.00
This November tree wall art comes mounted on a black finish. It looks like an ordinary November tree but with a subtle message beneath. If you have never noticed the many things that are the same in all trees, fret not because the artist has done the hard work for you. Using classic elements at chest height, the artist created a tree that is both abstract and literal. With loud colors and unique finishes, these wall sculptures will bring an element of interest to any room in your home, office or dorm.

November Tree is a contemporary, unique, and original piece of wall art that will have your guests wondering where you found such an eye-catching accent. It can be displayed in any room of the house and will add atmosphere to your living space. This gorgeous wall sculpture is made with high quality metal and painted black by talented artists with an eye for detail. November Tree is perfect for the office and looks great when grouped with other wall art to create a fun and funky d├ęcor statement in your home.

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