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Metal Wall Sculptures: Branches
May Metal Wall Art Leaves with brass and copper
May Black
48" Wide X 40" High X 7" Deep
$ 970.00
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Branch metal wall sculpture designs are the next level creations to our tree wall sculptures. Like in nature, they are extension of their primary holders, trees. In this section you will find hand crafted metal wall art arrangements for your decoration.

April Metal Wall Sculpture with shiny and dull brass copper leaves
56" Wide X 45" High X 6" Deep
$ 1,190.00
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October Branch Wall Sculpture with brass, copper, steel leaves
52" Wide X 37" High X 5" Deep
$ 1,265.00
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October Left Metal Wall Sculpture leaning to left
October Left
36" Wide X 37" High X 5" Deep
$ 930.00
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October Right Metal Wall Sculpture leaning to right
October Right
36" Wide X 37" High X 5" Deep
$ 930.00
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French Bouquet Wall Art with metal heart leaves
French Bouquet
45" Wide X 39" High X 6" Deep
$ 1,170.00
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Money Plant Wall Sculpture made of round copper leaves
Money Plant
46" Wide X 40" High X 4" Deep
$ 960.00
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Vibrations Metal Wall Sculpture with tiny leaves
26" Wide X 54" High X 3" Deep
$ 1,060.00
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Rose Branch Metal Wall Sculpture with copper roses
Rose Branch
20" Wide X 42" High X 5" Deep
$ 820.00
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Maple Branch Wall Decor with green patina leaves
Maple Branch
43" Wide X 40" High X 4" Deep
$ 1,040.00
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Italian Rose Garden Metal Wall Sculpture with roses
Italian Rose Garden
29" Wide X 39" High X 5" Deep
$ 1,060.00
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Money Branch Metal Wall Sculpture with round patina leaves
Money Branch
40" Wide X 38" High X 5" Deep
$ 1,125.00
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April metal wall sculpture art having delicate leaves in different colors represents a sought decoration idea for any of your walls. May metal wall art comprising of the same leaves on an airy stem design extend the same gentleness through its foliage. October has a rare ability to reflect the colors  of the surroundings on its leaves making it unique of its kind. If you have limited space you may consider using October Left or October Right sculptures to capture the same effect.

French Bouquet is an attention grabber with its spattered flowers and variety of leaves in different shades of metal colors and shapes. Vibrations and Rose Branch are ideal to fill a vertical space. Money Plant having shapes of round leaves is found in swamp areas and is believed to bring you good luck. Maple and Money metal wall art not only have the leaves associated with the branches but also compromise of the trunk areas as well. Italian Rose Garden having a grid as the background to the design, along with beautiful roses, reminds us carefully grown Italian flower gardens.

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