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Botanical Metal Wall Art
42" Wide X 18" High X 5" Deep
$ 1,465.00

Botanical metal wall art designs in this section come in several forms, such as flower garden scenery, crane birds, butterflies, and bamboo stakes distinguishing them from our other metal wall sculpture designs.

Garden Of Eden
52" Wide X 32" High X 4" Deep
$ 1,615.00
18" Wide X 38" High X 6" Deep
$ 1,115.00
Butterfly Set
24" Wide X 38" High X 4" Deep
$ 1,065.00

Cranes having two birds, cat tails and leaves, and landscape takes you anywhere you can imagine. Garden of Eden impersonates a garden scene art with lots of happy flowers in many different colors to match just about any decor in its surrounding. Bamboo stakes metal wall art having hollow structure fast growing nature carries an importance in many cultures.  Butterflies art flying in a group emphasize the legend "Butterflies are Free"

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