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Metal Wall Art: Leaves
Maple Leaves
50" Wide X 30" High X 4" Deep
$ 1,165.00

Fascinating metal wall art leaves in this section bring more attention to their leaves than their branches or trunks when categorizing our pieces. Use of copper, brass or combination of both materials is intended to capture the nature in greatest possible fashion when designing our metal wall sculpture.

42" Wide X 46" High X 9" Deep
$ 1,395.00
Sea Leaves
39" Wide X 38" High X 5" Deep
$ 1,215.00
Sea Leaves Copper
39" Wide X 38" High X 5" Deep
$ 1,265.00
Grape Vine
23" Wide X 72" High X 4" Deep
$ 1,365.00

Magnolia having large leaves and distinctive leaf veins brings out the best of your room when decorating rooms. Maple Leaves is a classic leaf metal wall art design that never gets old, with golden to red; red to green colors reveals the colors of autumn in an eminent way.

Our Sea Leaves sculptures, having leaves as if floating inside the water can fulfill your metal wall art needs in two different ways with two choices of colors. Grape Vine, very similar to maple leaves in nature, has a climbing effect that can decorate a vertical space perfectly. All the metal wall sculpture in this section have something in common; they can be used as indoor or outdoor decorations.

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