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Garden Of Eden
52" Wide X 32" High X 4" Deep
$ 1,615.00
Metal wall art that's real! Our expert metal craftsmen combine traditional copper and brass forging techniques with an innovative, modern approach to create sculptures that you can hang on a wall. Whether you need a unique sculpture that will bring life and color to your home, office, or garden, our metal art is sure to please.

Our Garden Sculptures are made from welded, formed or forged brass and copper using a variety of techniques including soldering, brazing and patination. Garden sculptures make unique one of a kind wall art additions to any home, office or place of business.

Does this sculpture look like a flower? We think so! Yet, it is really a creative design from which to hang on a wall. The secret is that the leaves on the flower become hangers for the plant stems. It's full of wonders and has many functions for added convenience; it can also be used as a wonderful piece of wall art, or decorate an entrance door with its highly decorative metal petals. This versatile work of art will challenge your imagination.
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