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Contemporary Metal Wall Art
Illusions Abstract Contemporary Metal Wall Art in black
36" X 36" High X 3.5" Deep
$ 1,280.00

No, the image is not blurry, it is the effect of the Illusions piece. :)

Abstract, in some cases also known as contemporary metal wall art, sometimes rejected by the public and critics the way it is categorized with the thought that art is universal and cannot have any timelines. It may be true. For the purpose of categorizing our abstract metal wall sculptures, geometric shapes, silhouettes of objects we had to have a separate page.

Sunburst Contemporary Abstact Metal Art in gold color
Sunburst Abstract
39" Diameter X 4" Deep
$ 750.00
Dandelions Contemporary Wall Art with abstract metal puffs
Dandelions Black
41" Wide X 41" High X 8" Deep
$ 820.00
Dandelions Color Contemporary Metal Wall Art with abstract reflecton
Dandelions Color
41" Wide X 41" High X 8" Deep
$ 850.00
Suspension Bridge Contemporary Wall Art with metal abstract boats
Suspension (Bridge)
59" Wide X 27" High X 1 Inch Deep
$ 750.00

Illusions is one unusual contemporary metal wall art that metal rods interlock with one another creating nine pyramid shapes whichever direction you look at it, front or back. It also plays a trick on the eye creating an optical illusion unable to focus on the piece. Sunburst represents a sun and sun rays distributed from a metal center. It has three layers. Dandelions, sometimes resembled to sea urchins, can be in different colors. We recommend the colors to be limited to three. Suspension, bridge metal wall sculpture can symbolize any bridge we may know or imagine.

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