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Metal Wall Sculptures Integrated With The Art Of Crystalline Pottery
Handcrafted creations by two different artist, one working in California and the other in Florida

“Daphne” This interruption by our 2 artist represents the empowerment of  the Modern Women and their will to overcome internal and     external struggles. It tells the story that all women have the right to happiness that “Daphne” has finally found. ( We have a synopses of the story that is given to the interested parties). The story stems from a Bernini statue “Daphne” finished in 1625. “Daphne” work  is estimated to be 56”w x 50”h Additional Information contact: Glen Doyle 954-540-9369  /

Tree Circle (SG 101)  Diameter: 48” x 5” Depth
Tree Circle (SG 101)
         Crystalline center piece has various crystal formations that add beauty to the overall piece. You will note that the crystals have rings of different colors. The leaves add a variety color to the work making it a truly unique piece.

Sunburst (SG 330)  Diameter: 30” x 4” Dept
The sun burst crystalline center piece has a dark center color with gold veins appearing when bright lite hits the center. The burst follows with a golden color.

This crystalline center piece and the stunning metal wall sculpture represents the creation of the universe. Called the “Big Bang” estimated to take place 13.8 Billion Years ago. The artist’s portrays matter going into outer space.  Big Bang - (ST-339) Diameter: 48” x 6” Depth

Green on Green (ST-335)  Diameter: 42” x 4” Depth 3 Multi Layer Burst form a dramatic background for the crystalline center platter. The affect is an illusion to the viewer as they approach this unique art piece.
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