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Fall Tree
Autumn Leaves
38" Wide X 40" High X 6" Deep
$ 1,795.00
Looking for a great way to add style and art to your wall decor? Look no further! Our Autumn Leaves metal sculpture is a creative way to bring the outside in. This masterpiece is a perfect conversation starter, as well as a fantastic decoration piece that will surely stand out!

Decorate your home or office with a metal wall art sculpture that does more than just sit on the wall. Bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside transforms your room, adding visual interest and movement to your walls. Each Autumn Leaves sculpture floats upward from its base, just like the leaves would in the fall breeze. With a simple, reflective finish that adds depth to the form, this modern sculpture makes art out of nature.

This stunning metal art depicts a beautiful maple tree with leaves turned gold in the fall. The graceful tree is skillfully crafted to appear lifelike and realistic. This piece of metal wall art will enchant you with its intricate detail and vibrant color, taking your breath away and bringing a warm glow to any setting. Made from high quality materials.
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