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Fish Large
Aquarium (Fish) Large
36" Wide X 38" High X 5" Deep
$ 1,365.00
Looking for an art piece with a beautiful patina? This metal wall sculpture of a Fish is made of solid copper that takes on a fantastic shade as it oxidizes. Perfect for an office or living room, this metal wall decor is designed to be hung outdoors in any climate.

Metal fish wall art is crafted from durable metal, and finished in luscious copper and brass. This piece's sleek lines and neutral color look great in the home, office, or garden.

Bring the spirit of the sea into your home or office with this striking wall piece. The realistic hand-forged metal fish wall sculpture is made from sturdy heavy gauge copper that resist rust, and features a rich natural patina. These stylish metal fish have been enlivened by applying a technique of hammering and chiseling to create unique detail which will be appreciated by both art enthusiasts and viewers alike. The use of copper, brass, and copper enhance any decor when used indoors or out. This lovely fish is a wonderful piece of artwork for your favorite room. It's big enough to be noticed but small enough to fit in tight spaces. Enjoy this high quality metal wall art and help spread the mermaid magic!
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