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Metal Wall Art, Metal Wall Sculpture, Metal Wall Decor

We create conversation pieces.

Every piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The shiny golden metallic hues or blended colors of gold, brass and copper with subtle shades of shadow and light only a Master of Arts can imagine and create. Our metal wall art bring life to lonely rooms with reflections of unique shades of shadows bouncing off the walls which can only be captured by a three dimensional Gurtan metal wall sculpture.

April behind leather sofa

Gurtan metal wall sculptures are made of the highest quality standards and materials.

Every angle, shape, color mixtures are original from the twisted artist imagination. An artist brain is a terrible thing to waste. These artists are extremely demanding of themselves and every tiny detail while creating their metal sculptures drives some to near madness! (Ever met a truly sane artist?) They imagine, draw and color the artwork in their head, sketch it on paper and finally ever so delicately hammer by hand, shape, pull, twist and burnish to perfection.

Metal Tree of Life Ontario Canada
Metal Tree Art in Macomb Michigan House

Techniques used making our metal wall art.
It is called manual brazing. In other words oxygen and acetylene torches are extensively used to cut and connect metal under extreme heat. Every metal sculpture has hundreds of connections from tree trunks to branches and leaves. Every part of the designs are handled separately and discretely while creating our artwork. It is a time consuming procedure, but at the same time it gives us the opportunity to provide necessary attention to each individual piece of art while we are creating it. Although designs may have names and certain shapes, this is the reason no design can exactly be the same as one another. Each piece has a life of its own, a soul of its own.

Metal Wall Sculpture

We have over 30 years of expertise in metal artistry.

Copper, brass, verdigris-patina designs are created for indoor and outdoor use. Steel or part steel sculptures are recommended for indoor use, and also available in your choice of colors. We have categorized our pieces by design, name, and material with recommendations as where they can be hung. We hope you will enjoy our website and find a unique wall art you are looking for.

Weeping Willow on the wall

Gurtan designs can be found in art galleries throughout the country.
Please contact us directly for the location of a gallery near you that carry our artwork. Please also follow our show schedule periodically for a location near you as we travel to bring our metal wall sculptures to you as close as possible. During winter months we have appearances in different cities in Florida, summer months are the time we are able to travel out of state to Northeast, and sometimes to Midwest areas of the country.

Metal Wall Decor

We have no substitute in what we create!
These masterworks are visions of magical creations from multicolored contemporary abstract designs to delicate black wire trees. Handcrafted creations of Original Metal Wall Art are based on the spectacular natural beauty of the flora, fauna, animal life and outstanding views living in harmony with us to gaze upon and enjoy. These exquisite designs will brighten and bring your interior and exterior walls to life or fill your outdoor decoration needs or fix up a garden with the personal beauty you want to be surrounded in.

Gurtan Studio.
Gurtan studio is conveniently located in Florida for your metal wall decor requirements. For directions please see our map. We can ship our pieces around the world with custom made packaging and care you expect from our designs.

Metal Tree Sculpture in an artsy Ranch Home

Not just fill, decorate.
If you have bare space in your home or office with our metal wall sculptures you are not just filling the void; you own a valuable timeless piece of art to last for a lifetime with your decoration for your enjoyment, and friends and family admiration unlike anything else.

Diversity of sizes, colors and shapes with our creations.
Gurtan designs come in a variety of sizes and shapes that coincide pleasantly with any room decoration. With this variety of metals comes a wide array of colors such as black, red, green, gold reflected in the light and shadows. This adds a unique element to each sculpture we craft. We consider each piece to be a distinctive design. Our pieces are three dimensional adding to their unique appeal.

Maple Leaves Wall Art in Indiana

Our metal wall sculptures are our pride.
We take pride in working on all our pieces to ensure each sculpture is appealing to the eye and desirable to our clients. We enjoy creating our artwork that are representative of nature. With a wide variety of themes in our collection Gurtan Designs has something for everyone.

Love and wow factor in our designs.
You'll absolutely love the wow factor of these eye popping, attention grabbers immediately upon entering a room adorned where creations are displayed. These guaranteed show stoppers will light up any room. They literally jump off the walls.

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